Raised in a small village, I have always been extremely curious and driven to discover new places, trends and people. I´ve always seen fashion as an expression of your identity, and for that reason I wanted to work on it.

I´m very passionate about photography and music too, feeling them really connected to fashion in an incredible way, in both sides, as an expression and as an inspiration.

I have always wanted to show in my work a different point of view, a little detail of my own, different from the rest, something that I can´t see in others, something geniuine.

I have studied Fashion Design at Istituto Europeo Di Design, and I´ve learned to express what´s on my mind in a better and more clear way in my journey. Also I have completed a Fashion Merchandising course at Parsons, discovering how a company works from the inside and seeing collections and shops from a business perspective.

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