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Experimenting, emerging artist based in Paris, born in Spain.
His influences vary from creative divas like Björk, Kate Bush or Fiona Apple, pop legends Madonna, Michael Jackson and rock icons Radiohead and Nirvana.
The sound of his EP it´s mostly experimental, with low-fi dream pop beats, a twisted house inspired track, acoustic sounds...
After months of researching and trying to find an original style, he started to self-produce his first project, as a challenge.
Writting about new types of feelings, first times, fantasies, up and downs... what can happen in your mind during an intense summer

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I Guess EP:

I´ve been writting songs for a long time, but I never had the ability to put my lyrics together in a song. I tried working with instrumentals but it never worked for me. So while making this record I have learnt to use Ableton, to produce and to mix. Most of it is based on quick.writtings after an intense day. 

Onlywithyou... it´s about an wakening. It´s anout finding someone who makes you feel alive after a long time. It´s me being straighforward kinda like the first time for me: you make me feel alive, and I want to be with you, I like you, I´m not afraid to go for it.

OhmyGod is the fun, crazy song of my EP. Here, I just wanted to have fun. I wrote this in like 5 minutes on my way home after a super fun night out. It has some phrases that some friends say sometimes, and I really wanted to sing them. In the bridge, I wanted to get a little bit different, to reflect the up and downs of alcohol too. It´s not all 100% fun. Sometimes a night just was the best and the worst and that is simply how life works.

Likeadrug represents the sad and sexy style that fits me so well. It´s a sexy, subtle song, but it actually holds a little bit of sadness underneath. You just passed the most amazing night with your crush, but, as you walk out in the morning, you know it was the last time. As it happens often, when you show feelings for someone, that person will probably run away from you, so this song it´s about that cycle of feeling sad and sexy.

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When I did That God I had some anger in me writting that. I just couldn´t explain it so I started with the chorus right away. It was just like... why I have to feel bad because this person isn´t 100% with me? Why do I have to feel less cause I don´t have someone all day with me? All these stupid questions that we get in our brains growing up and they are all bullshit. I want to just live the moment with someone I feel good, and I won´t beg for it, I won´t put force in it. Come to me if you want but I will be fine, living fine.


I Wish is another angry song I guess. It´s again about the fake illusion of being validated. And attack yourself and put yourself down too. You ask: if I were rich they would love me? If I had more? All those thoughts that society puts in us growing up.

For My Way I wanted to go completely acoustic as I wrote it playing guitar. I was just feeling so lonely and far away from everyone. It touches depression, anger, jealousy with self-harm thoughts. It´s the longest song I´ve made cause I feel that loneliness is a long battle for me that never ends.

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For the last song, I Guess, I wanted so much to feel something more, to fall in love, that I imagined a whole fantasy in my head. Nobody was fitting that standards I used to have, so I created a whole story that would break my heart and make me feel alive again. The intro was improvised over the piano track I had previously done and it catches that desperation. For the rest of the song I tried a hundred instruments but in the end I decided to go the simplest I could: just a guitar and some noise in the background. I twisted its sounds for the chorus and bridge and that was it. This song is like a white flag for me: you won, I´m moving on, it´s over now. And I´m ready to continue.

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