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Our world is in decay. We have been aware of this for too long. Haven´t we? But for the big companies is better to keep consume growing without looking into our future. But here we look at massive consume and enviromental damage in a more personal way. We are taught to buy things to validate ourselves, to fill our needs, simply as a form of entertainement, but you´ll know for experience that it doesn´t work like that. If you have deep personal problems, they will not be solved by going shopping something you don´t need that will end up in the rubbish. It may keep your mind entertained a little bit, but that it is a coward move, cause the problem will still be there, as much as you want to ignore it, it won´t simply dissapear. As something so important, that will be represented here in so many different ways, being ok with yourself is the first step to solve your problems. And some new thing may cheer you up a little, but deep inside you´ll be still depressed until you get to the core of things and accept who you are. Here we express a nostalgic view of regret and sadness after a compulsive shopping day. It hasn´t solve anything. It even have added more problems: you shouldn´t have spent all that money, and what you will do with all that you don´t need. You loose independence as you´ll be more attached to the system asking your bank for more money as you´ll contribute to the growing rubbish and toxicity in Earth. It is certainly not a good plan. You loose, we all loose, and yet you can´t escape that cycle of sadness and regret when you try the wrong way to solve your problems. Sounds familiar? It is part of our society everyday.

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