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Another perspectve of our cities, with a more conceptual and far away from fashion photograpy. This time we are looking at the ground, we are seeing our feet moving quickly as we walk on the rainy street.

But it is not comforting. How we have became like this? We are feeling alone in crowded places, we are ignoring other people more than the pouring rain, and we go so fast we don´t see our boots.

That alienation of the humans it´s inherit to our system. Every person we see is a stranger, is unknown, is even scary in a dark street. Seeing their reflections could be the same as seeing their faces or their clothes: we really not care as we are closed inside ourselves all the time.

Movement, water and pure insecurity, of being around others, not being comfortable until we reach the place we are going to, rushing all the time, it is a dark place for our mind, it is a depressing state we have to take over.


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