Part of the Uncoded project, connecting music,

fashion and society in photoshoots.     

Such an awakening... When you open your mind to the world you will start the journey. Experiences define every person on Earth. Attitude is the first thing, and curiosity is the second.

Ask yourself why you are not doing something new. Listen, and then speak up. Learn from everybody. You don´t need to be up there all the time...

This reflects the time of doubt we may have before doing something new, and the internal fight for our life.

Don´t keep yourself trapped in a hidden place. The most introvert people are the ones ending up being more open, cause we know both opposites and we definetly know how to stay alone with ourselves and our mind.

That´s also part of the journey: when you are in peace and you can´t stand still, you have to move, you have to explore, see, try, experiment... that´s what this magazine is about.

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