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About some moments that we all have felt sometimes...

Kind of hopeless, trying to be happy, staying home with our phones, talking to a hundred people but without nobody to be truly comfortable with, without nobody to share a memorable moment. Looking to one side, to the other... with no answer.

It was gonna be an amazing day: I decided to take some time for me, to be at home, but then I felt empty, I felt sad. This was really what I wanted? Why is it important to have the aprobal from the rest in everything? What I have to do to be considered good? Why do I have to be validated by my social networks interactions?

Being ok with ourselves, being comfortable in our own skin and be alone with ourselves are important things that our society often forgets, putting first social rules and never encouraging us to be ourselves, and to have time to think about life, about decisions, about the future, what we want to do now and then, what we feel good about, what we don´t...

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