Online and printed publication Project based on the idea of freedom, and how we can reach it through fashion and music by inspiring us in society and how it should change.

This whole project is inspired by the complex idea of ​​freedom. Although you might think that being free is simple, ask yourself if you want to do something braver, and why you did not do it. True freedom is being bold, and being bold can be really challenging in a society that is governed by fear. How do we get to the point where almost everything we do is simply because: "if I do not do this ... something bad will happen, someone will be angry with me, I will not get what I want, I will not be able to .. .?

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This point of being completely encapsulated in a path that we may or may not have chosen, and not falling into being incorrect or very different every day, encourages the fear of leaving it. They tell us that we should be better, but always in that small room that the world has for us. And that small room can be even smaller if the prisoner himself is the one with the key. That is the moment when you must realize that you have the power, at the moment you know you can change, and be a person you did not know you were.

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That is the point that was at the beginning of 2017. And I hate to talk about my personal feelings because I cannot bear to be victimized. And I will not be, in fact, I never was, and I want to think that I was just struggling, surviving and changing to discover the true human being that I am. That is the process of liberation to which I give so much importance and value in my life. That's what happens to me every day, every day more than the previous one. We should call it progress

But this precious progress is not really happening in the world at this time, and it hurts me deeply watching us step back, letting fear dominate us and think for us. Giving up is probably one of the worst things a person can do and, now more than before, society is encouraging people to give up their dreams, to shrink. And this magazine is in some way the reflection of the opposite: discover who you are, be yourself, and most important of all, be brave.

I want my project to be located around this idea of ​​freedom, inspired by brave songs of incredible artists.

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